Air Dice Group & NRM join forces in UK

Post by: Conrad Butti

Published on: 20.10.2021

The Air Dice Group is now an equity partner in Network Resource Management Ltd (NRM), an established player in the UK bingo industry. In tandem, NRM also acquired the UK-based and UKGC licensed casino game studio, Probability Jones.

Andrew Ludlow commented: “NRM has an absolutely superb customer portfolio and a range of industry leading products delivered across multiple sectors. These remain unwaveringly central to our future plans and therefore identifying a partner with whom we have both shared ambitions and a shared philosophy has not been an easy task but I would say the fit with Air Dice is close to perfect. Air Dice has been an important supply partner for us in the UK Bingo sector for many years and has development studios across Europe. It will be able to provide us with additional support across the key strategic areas of resource, technology and distribution. This development, we believe is a game changer and it’s very much a case of watch this space as we open the next chapter in the development of the company.”

Sami Makinen, the Air Dice CEO also stated: “We are equally positive about building on our existing and very productive relationship with Andrew and the team at NRM. Both organisations are comfortable challenging conventional thinking and exploring new ways of doing things and combining online with offline. Both are 100 percent customer focused and there’s a very positive chemistry and shared outlook on how to run, and develop, a technology and ideas driven business. In terms of the future nothing is off the table and our shared mantra is to ask why not? rather than why? – which is a hugely positive starting point to build from. These are extremely exciting times for our businesses.”

The Air Dice Group is an established player in both the British and the Nordic Bingo scene. You can read more about our group here.

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