About Air Dice

Air Dice’s mission is to provide the gaming community with novel game ideas that offer players much more than the current generation money games do.

This is the ‘backbone’ of the entire group, driving the tech stack. Air Dice is now a top Dice Game supplier for the Belgian online casino market and a household name in the global dice game vertical.

Discover our games, in-person

Want to get to know more about our games, and meet the team behind them all? Not a problem, just click on the button below and schedule an online demo call. Our global team is more than glad to give you’re a walkthrough of our game concepts, the technology behind them and the latest we have on offer in terms of both online casino games and online casino game mechanics!If you want a 100% in-person meeting please check our EXPOs page to see when we will be exhibiting next.

Our global team is available across all time zones, for call backs! We are happy to share with you, in person, what makes our game tick with players!

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