Golden Grove

Golden Grove

Players will get a thrill, as they move along the paths of this Golden Grove.

An Enchanting Grove of Bonuses

Cashback, points, multipliers and mystery games await them. Literally, everything’s double in Golden Grove with the DOUBLED-UP CASHBACK WHEEL and the DOUBLE WHEEL BONUS multi-level bonus rounds! Put your skill to the test, place the dice wisely and accumulate points by placing 3-a-like symbols in a line, horizontal or diagonal. Rarer dice trigger more points, three Golden G’s trigger the DOUBLE WHEEL BONUS.  Lost a game? No problem, each time you don’t win from a game, you are awarded a credit for the locked cashback wheel. Once you hit 40 credits, you DOUBLED-UP CASHBACK WHEEL. Whichever path you take, expect cashback, points, multipliers and mystery games as you move around in this Grove!


Game type

96% +/- 1%





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