We’re a friendly bunch, but we’re also hard working

Global Growth

Global Growth

We create tech since 2005. Starting off as a designer and developer of games for third parties, today we are a fully-fledged and privately owned casino gaming group with six iGaming tech companies – including three casino game studios – and an international team of over 75 people. 

Over the years, through sheer focus, commitment to quality, and plain hard work we kept growing from strength to strength, both in Finland and beyond. We are now present in 6 locations, namely: Helsinki, Oulu, Malta, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Uruguay. 

If a career with an international game development house sounds appealing, then we invite you to check our live openings or simply drop us a message if you do not see and opportunity that specifically suits your career path.

A force in iGaming

We are technology builders but being a key player in the global iGaming and casino industry requires more than just developers, designers, and mathematicians. As we move from strength to strength, we also need to grow in other areas such as account management, compliance, finance, legal, marketing and sales.

As the industry becomes increasingly regulated, the complexity that comes with creating and developing casino content has also increased. This in turn elevates requirements across all other areas in our group, especially when an enterprise like ours is focused on regulated markets and is also ISO certified.

From time to time, we require iGaming account management, compliance, finance, legal, marketing and sales specialists. These roles are published on this site and/or our Linkedin page.

A force in iGaming
Teams that work (& play)

Teams that work (& play)

Whether its play or work, our lives revolve around tech and the same tools that help us create this technology. To facilitate a good work-life balance we strongly believe in tackling the development and creation of new games with small but independent teams. No one person is solely responsible for the creation of a game from A to Z.

This ‘sense of team’ thinking is something we also believed in, and is something that commands both our lives on the desk and off. Our offices organise multiple social events throughout the year, to ensure that such a team spirit prevails but also allows fellow team members to have a laugh together, share a beer or pizza, and why not? enjoy a sauna in freezing temperatures (yes the pic shows our teams enjoying a late night sauna in freezing Finland last December!).

(Finnish) Attention To Detail

Much has been said and written about Nordic design. Some of the world’s finest architects and designers hail from the freezing northern edge of Europe. Just check the paternoster elevator that adorns our  Helsinki office building, a marvel of Finnish engineering or read about Eero Saarinen, we are pretty sure you unknowingly came across one of his pieces or places.

Back to tech and gaming, yes, we are Finnish, and of course, we do apply this ‘Finnish approach’ to building our tech. What does this mean? Paying sheer attention to detail, focusing on quality, but also making sure that it all works. All this in a spirit of peaceful cooperation.

In other words, if attention to detail, and quality is your kind of thinking then you’re in good company. Just check out the technical and non-technical openings below, or drop a message to our team here, let’s talk.

Specialised Individuals

Specialised Individuals

We’re all different, and as we grow across the globe, we increasingly become aware of this. As much as we believe in teams (check the Sauna pic above), we also do believe in giving space for people to focus on their core skills. This approach allows a t-shaped approached to building games and thus allows us to produce new casino games and related software that can deliver on its promise but also ensure a timely delivery.

We are thus on the lookout for both experienced and budding developers, sound engineers, video artists, graphic designers and mathematicians that do not need constant hand holding (i.e., can deliver independently) but are also capable of working in team, nowadays, a multicultural team. There are plenty of opportunities to learn, just check them out below. Above in the pic, is our CTO, karaoke is another speciality of his.

Current openings

Below please find a list of all roles available for an iGaming focused career at the Air Dice Group across.


We are looking for a SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR to manager and support our technical operations, keep servers and services up-and-running, ensure top-level security and provide tech support to our B2B customers. 

Our multi-location, multi-master cluster service has our portfolio of real money games running 24/7/365. Aiming for zero downtime is thus a must. We process and store millions of game events daily, in multiple data centres, across the globe. Thus, the stringent of IT security and the best practice in terms of data protection is another must. We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation.

Below is a brief summary of the typical responsibilities that come with such a role:

  • Acquire and manage servers including hardware, networking and virtualization
  • Deploy, monitor, and manage our gaming-related applications and services
  • Deploy and administrate our internal IT systems (email, Git, Jira, NextCloud, MatterMost and more)
  • Provide all the technical support required by our B2B clients (external and internal) in relation to the above applications and services
  • Perform security and backup-related tasks, including disaster response and recovery
  • Automate all of the above

Further skill requirements are listed hereunder. That said, if you don’t tick all the boxes but possess a strong desire to learn, we will be more than glad to provide suitable training.

Non-technical skills:

  • Experience in multi-site working environments
  • Excellent communication skills, both in person and in remote
  • A can-do attitude, focused on delivering
  • Organizational skills
  • Inquisitive nature, driving lifelong learning
  • Awareness of ISO 27001

Technical skills:

  • Management of proprietary production systems, relational DBs, and Linux servers
  • Understanding of Information security best practices
  • Experience in networking, network technologies and services
  • Experience in automation, integrations, virtualization
  • Eager to coordinate development of the above
  • Database Replication and Clustering

Other Technical skills:

  • Ansible
  • Apache web server
  • Apache Tomcat application server
  • Linux servers and networking
  • Virtualization technology including: LXD, LXC and HYPER-V
  • ZFS
  • Databases, particularly postgresql
  • Network Infrastructure: DNS, DHCP
  • Backup and Recovery

Please send your application, accompanied by a covering letter to jobs@airdice.com. As an organisation, we are very open in our communication processes, thus we shall strive to inform each and every applicant on his/her application status. Initially, though, only short listed candidates will be contacted.