Tom-Johan Björklund appointed COO for Air Dice Finland

Post by: Conrad Butti

Published on: 13.12.2021

With any cold winter spell, comes good news! The Air Dice Group proudly welcomes Tom-Johan Björklund as COO. As the group expands across multiple verticals and territories, the need for a COO was a welcome step forward in our growth path.

With over a decade experience in the field, Tom-Johan aka Toppe brings to the table, gaming industry knowledge aplenty, having previously worked with multiple international gaming powerhouses, including Rovio and it’s world-famous Angry Birds Franchise.

Here’s a quick historical anecdote. The Angry Birds game is the brainchild of a once small Finnish game studio, and, in actual fact, many games are developed in Finland. The Finnish Gaming Industry is a constantly growing and thriving tech scene. We at Air Dice Group occasionally also invite newly grads from various Finnish technical institutes, as part of our talent recruitment drive, to create fresh casino game concepts, Fruit Shifter is one of them!  

Air Dice is an EU based supplier of real money online casino games and specialised software for the Bingo industry. The group counts Betway, Bingoal, Ladbrokes, Napoleon Games and Unibet in its online casino customer base. The company was founded back in 2005.