Katie Combs – Gold of the Nile

Katie Combs – Gold of the Nile

A desert storm is looming in the Sahara. Archaeologist-cum-explorer Katie Combs has but one choice to survive. Her only shelter is the same pyramid she is researching.

Survive the tombs of luck

A storm can last days. She needs your help now; you are her guide in the pyramid’s dark and dusty pathways. There is a safer passage and you will get this by landing 3 red ruby dice on a line. This triggers the TREASURE HUNT bonus round where you can literally choose Katie’s next move. Just keep an eye for precious artefacts (they convert into cash points) or red rubies, these trigger a direct mystery game. If you find a golden Ankh, the prize is doubled!

Through the TREASURE HUNT bonus round, you can land a mystery game in two ways: directly, by collecting enough red rubies during the bonus round or indirectly, at the end of this same round, after Anubis – guardian of afterlife and all things mummified – weighs your finds against your heart. Either way, Anubis, being an Egyptian deity, will offer gifts, five cups in all, each containing 3, 5, 7, 10 and 25 mystery games. Choose one after the shuffle, and play the mystery games immediately after, on the main dice game. The beauty of the mystery games lies in the fact that all prize levels reward the max prize.


Game type

96% +/- 1%





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