Alice in the Rose Maze
Dice Crafter

Alice in the Rose Maze

Where’s Alice? She’s 6000x away, in her beautiful Rose Maze that’s blooming with scatters, wild and wonderful multi-level bonus game!

A Friendly Maze of Chance

Alice is in good and bad company, just be sure to befriend the solders – they destroy any hope – but do hang around with the white rabbit that would gladly hop up you luck! A €60,000 max win also awaits in this 5-reel, medium volatility slot. Card 9 lands the highest point wins but 3 or 4 scatter symbols opens up a friendly but mischievous multi-level bonus game, where you can win money, multipliers and extra turns! Once you hit the Hedge Maze bonus game, you are allowed multiple card flips, from a lay of 15. Cards with roses become cash, pocket watch cards mean extra turns and potion cards land multipliers.

And that’s not all, a surprise visit by the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter or Caterpillar means extra luck as they multiply the winnings of the already winning cards! If it’s the Mad Hatter, potion card flips multiply x2; if the Caterpillar pops by, each opened pocket watch card flip adds +2 turns; and an appearance by the whimsical Cheshire Cat multiplies your White Rabbit final Cash prize 5x! If you steer away from the nasty soldiers, and move up the three levels of this bonus game, the White Rabbit cash prize is yours! Keep in mind one thing though, each level gets tougher but each level also pumps up the cash prize!


Game type




3 x 5

Rows x Columns


Win lines


Minimum Bet Level


Maximum Bet Level


Max Multiplier / Round**

Medium to High



Max Win/Exposure***



** The maximum possible multiplier a player can get during each single round.

*** The maximum possible amount in EUR that a player can win/round (excluding Jackpots).


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