Stars will show the way. With each star drop, awaits another opportunity that turns stardust into cash. Let the stars choose the right array and land a win that will make you stare.

BlueBelle and FlameRouge are out on the high seas again. First time round, they offered free spins aplenty, this time, they want you to hit the treasure!

Mega Top Shot is on. Spin on spin, top shot on top shot, the winning streak meter keeps rolling. The more top shot symbols you land, the higher it goes. Once you hit meter levels, you either go home (collect points towards winnings) or keep pushing.

Whether it’s a scatter or a wild, the prince a charmer. His green handlebar moustache might be too much to handle, but his expanding wilds and scatters are always welcome. At first glance, it feels classic, but as the game unfolds, scatter symbols pile up and juicy wilds expand, leaving


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