Air Dice moves into new Benelux office

Post by: Conrad Butti

Published on: 27.10.2022

Air Dice Group has just inaugurated a new office in Hulst, Netherlands. For the occasion, multiple team members flew in from other locations, to inaugurate this new office. Key clients, partners and business colleagues were also invited. This marks our second new office following the recent launch of the Malta based division.

Mark Maes, founder of Air Dice Benelux commented: “It’s a real pleasure to see clients and colleagues together. The Benelux office has grown from strength to strength since our first game round was played back in 2012, in Belgium. Our commitment to excellent service and building quality games is paying off.”

Glenn De Cuyper, recently appointed GM for this same office, commented: “Inaugurating this splendid new office in the company of long-standing clients, felt great! It was nice to have them all with us, in an informal setting, as we celebrate the start of a new phase for the group, in the region.” He also added a few words in Dutch and French: “Een eer om hier deel van uit te maken! Ravi de faire part de ceci!” 

The new offices shall house multiple areas. In addition to allowing further team growth, this new building also houses a specialised conference room designed to communicate new product launches. In other words, expect to receive further event invites in the months to come! Air Dice is an EU based supplier of real money online casino games with a particular focus on Dice games. The group now encompasses three studios, spread across Europe, namely: Air Dice and Dice Crafter in Finland, and, Probability Jones in the UK. Feel free to read more about our group here as we grow from strength to strength.