Air Dice provides a broad range of gaming related services. From entertaining money and arcade games to games that support advertising and marketing campaigns, Air Dice provides everything from concepts and consultations to turnkey delivery of customized gaming experiences.


Connecting to real world bingo clubs!

With BingoBooster, the draw from the bingo hall is constantly broadcast live to a BingoBooster website. From the website, players can connect to and buy tickets from any of the halls linked to the system, and follow the draw in real time.

BingoBooster tablet application

Electronic and paper tickets in same game

Players receive graphical representations of their bingo tickets to their home PC, and a live sound stream from the bingo hall transmits the feeling of actually being there. Naturally winnings for each round can go either to online players or to players in the hall, or even both, depending on the outcome of the draw.

  • Increase sales
  • Reach new player groups

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Mobile Roulette

Now also for iPhone and Android!

Introducing true cross media mobile gaming

The SuperCasino and Challenge Jackpot mobile gaming products allow users to watch and place bets against a real roulette wheel, broadcast live from a TV studio 24/7. Players enjoy the excitement of the spin on TV, but use their mobile devices to control the action. This combination has proven to be the Holy Grail of mobile gaming that finally opened the players' eyes to this area of gaming.

SuperCasino and Challenge Jackpot games are operated by NetPlayTV Group Ltd.

Other stuff we do

  • mobile games
  • facebook apps
  • money games
  • advertising games
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  • games for fun
  • and more

About us

Air Dice was born from the realization that traditional money games played over the internet have reached commercial maturity, and new directions are needed to ensure growth. Air Dice's mission is to provide the gaming community with novel game ideas that offer players much more than the current generation money games do.

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The heart of Air Dice is the innovative minds of our development and design team. We have a deep understanding of all things game-related, and we draw on this experience.

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  • Sami Mäkinen
  • Peter Granfelt
    VP Production
  • Teemu Teräs
    Creative Director
  • Katja Teräs
    Graphics Lead
  • Anni Kotilainen
  • Sami Koivisto
  • Joakim Isaksson
  • Lauri Vahlman
  • Timo Piippo


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